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Magas minőségű audio rendszer
consists of an active ceiling speaker and a passive ceiling speaker with Bluetooth receiver and serves as a plug-and-play stereo pair for background PA applications.
A robust ABS housing with humidity-resistant bass speaker and coaxially mounted tweeter as well as the magnetically attached metal protective grille and the excellent workmanship all ensure an overall high-quality appearance and optimum handling.
Thanks to the quick-mount system, there is only minimum installation effort required. The frameless speaker grille allows for an unobtrusive appearance when mounted into the ceiling or wall.
A wireless connection between audio players like smartphones, tablets, PCs, Android devices or Apple devices, e. g. iPads or iPhones, can be established via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The Bluetooth connection (linking) allows to recognise Bluetooth devices which have previously been linked. A new initialisation is not required. Depending on the room, the operating range can be up to 10 m.
The supplied PSU will be connected to the active speaker via plug-in connection. Active and passive speaker will be connected via gold-plated speaker terminals and together form the stereo pair.
To save power, the integrated amplifier switches to standby mode in case of inactivity. Bluetooth hi-fi flush-mount speaker stereo set,   consists of a 2-way active speaker with integrated amplifier, Bluetooth module and crossover network, a 2-way passive speaker with crossover network as well as a matching PSU.
  • Pair of 2-way hi-fi speakers for wall mounting and ceiling suspension
  • 13 cm (5¼") bass-midrange speaker, 2.54 cm (1") coaxial tweeter
  • Master/slave operation (active speaker is connected to passive speaker to become a stereo pair)
  • Active speaker with integrated class D amplifier module, 2 x 45 W RMS
  • Bluetooth 4.0, APTX
  • Operating range: 10 m, class 1
  • High-quality crossover network
  • Frameless protective metal grille, magnetically attached
  • Quick-mount system
  • 4-digit PIN code for initial linking
  • Recognition of devices which have previously been linked
  • 230 V PSU with earthed plug and plug-in connector for active speaker

Frequency range: 50-20,000 HzAmplifier power: 2 x 45 WRMSInputs: BluetoothSPL (1 W/1 m): 89 dBMax. rated SPL: 105 dBAdmiss. ambient temp. : 0-40 °CPower supply: suppl. PSUDimensions (WxHxD): Ø 205 mm x 90 mmWeight: 1.26 kg (active speak. ) 1.18 kg (passive speak. )Other features: Bluetooth 4.0, class 1PIN: 0101 Így is ismerheti: SPE 230 BT, SPE230BT, SPE 230BT, SPE-230 BT
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