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ELAC IC1010 2 utas beépíthető hangfal dbTipus2-utas hátul nyitottMély 1 × 165 mm cone

Magas 1 × 25 mm domeKeresz tváltás 3.000 HzFrekvencia tartomány(IEC 268-5) 35 ...  25.000 HzÉrzékenység 88 d B / 2,83 V / mErősítő impedanciája4-8Ajánlott erősítő teljesitmény20-120W/csatornaNévleges/C súcsteljesítmény50/70WNévleges impendancia8Minimum impedancia
  7,3  / 200 Hz
5,3  / 16.000 HzTömeg4.2KgM éretek(MaxSzxMé) Külső átmérő  (karimás): 232 mmMélység: 94/98/10 7 mmIC 1010Thanks to its round shaped mounting hole, the InCeiling speaker IC 1010 can be mounted either into walls or into ceilings. Because of its nominal impedance of 8  , the IC 1010 is cascadable and can easily be connected to all kinds of amplifiers. Connect it and you’ll never need to touch it again. CoaxialThanks to their coaxial design, not only do the bass drivers and tweeters never miss a beat, with their compact design they also complement each other perfectly. Sometimes the best things come in small packagesEarly in the R&D process of the 301.2 coaxial driver the idea was to improve the sound performance of a bass driver based on a predefined enclosure size. The solution came quickly and led to the present oval shape. More difficult was the design and integration of the tweeter. The goal was being compact without compromising sound quality. After initial listening tests a fabric dome version was out of question. In search of the ideal position of the tweeter, multiple listening sessions proved that a concentric orientation of both drivers did not deliver acceptable results. This finally led to the asymmetric coaxial array. After further listening tests and multiple measurements it was obvious that a premium and well-balanced solution in this particular case could only be achieved far from what the textbooks would suggest. CrossoverA speaker's inner workings significantly influence its audio quality. That's why ELAC also uses high-quality HiFi components in the crossover technology of its in-wall loudspeakers. Because of the use of high grade electronic parts only and the use of gold plated binding posts, nearly no service is necessary, even after a long runtime.
In addition the crossover is protected with a self resetting fuse (polyswitch). Fabric DomeEven at higher volumes, the fabric dome tweeter always provides a smooth audio experience. Transparent sound is reproduced by this 25 mm tweeter consisting of a coated silk dome resulting in a smooth roll off at frequencies above 20,000 Hz without noticeable resonances. A special wave-guide together with the protection grille results its wide dispersion characteristics.
Its extraordinary power handling capacity is resulting from two design features: the compact high efficiency neodymium magnetic system with cooling fins and the aluminium voice coil cooled by ferro-fluid.
Additionally, the magnetic system is shielded.
Due to the new faceplate (back high gloss) only the tweeter grille and woofer diaphragm are visible, the kick of the new 60.2 Series. HF/LF LevelSettings to suit you: With the ELAC level control the HF and LF output of your in-wall speakers can be raised or lowered by up to 2 dB, allowing them to be adjusted to different room sizes. This speaker comes with high grade toggle switches for adapting treble range (+2/0/-2 dB) and mid range / bass range (+2/0/-2 dB) in respect to different mounting situations and personal gusto. Paint MaskWant to paint the frame of your in-wall speaker? Simply apply the mask, add paint and it's finished, with no annoying spots of paint on the visible front. The transparent paint masking stencil film supplied enables easy and individual painting of the grille and frame to suit your individual requirements. ELAC IC1010 2 utas beépíthető hangfal pár listaára: 99.990Ft/pár Így is ismerheti: IC 1010
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